Is Run and Gun Good for Basketball Teams to Follow?


The concept of run and gun basketball is an interesting aspect of the game for all fans to see. While run and gun basketball has a style that can result in high-scoring games, it is also a style that can cause fatigue and may not always work out right. This is a very fascinating part of basketball worth exploring.

How Does Run and Gun Work?

It is easy to see how run and gun basketball works. What happens here is that a team will concentrate on getting off as many field goals as possible. Fast breaks are heavily emphasized while set plays are not considered all that much. This is typically done as a means of getting more points in the long run.

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How to Tell the Difference Between Commonplace Fouls in Basketball


There are a number of different fouls in the game of basketball. Some of these fouls are standard ones while others are going to be much more significant in terms of their consequences. Here’s a look at how these different kinds of fouls compare with each other.

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What is Posterization in the Sports World All About?


Posterization is a slang term that is commonly used in the world of sports. In most cases people use this term to refer to basketball plays. Specifically, it is all about what happens when a player performs a slam dunk over someone.

A person is considered to be posterized whenever that person is unable to actually defend against a slam dunk. That person will typically have one’s back to the camera as that person gets a firsthand look at a much more dominant player going over that one on the ground in order to successfully get a slam dunk.

It can be an embarrassing point for any athlete to be posterized. However, it is also a concept that is relatively marketable in today’s poster industry.

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